"Take a look at Maastricht from a different Angle"
is a good discription for Chalet Bergrust


In the 75 years the chalet now exists much has been changed and it has grown to an occasion with a lot of possibilities for young and old. Chalet Bergrust is known as the location where food drinks are still payable, where children can run around freely. Where parkking infront of the door is still possible. Where dogs are no problem.

The staff is a strong team which knows their guests, who ensure together that you are rapidly helped, correctly and pleasantly.

You planned a trip to Maastricht? Don't forget to pay our Chalet a visit. Its on the St. Pietersberg and offers an unequalled view over the oldest city of the Netherlands, Maastricht.


On our large terrace you can you quietly enjoy a drink and some food from our vast menu card with the cave mushrooms as a much returning ingredient. Which are daily fresh supplied from the caves under the Chalet. [Also don't forget to taste our Sate']

Outside the daily activities the Chalet is an excellent place to organize festivals and parties of 2 up to 200 guests. With or without a tour in the caves of the St. Pietersberg. Other possibilities are: breakfast to diner, buffet, bbq, receptions, happenings.

The view reaches far outside Maastricht
and each time if you look at it Maastricht is differently